Marvel Strike Force- Build your force


Marvel Strike Force is a turn-based role-playing game. The game was launched on 28 March 2018 by FoxNext for Android and iOS platform. It is suitable for those people who like to make their team and different strategies for winning the battle. In the game, the allies were attacked on the earth, and the Super Heroes and Villains are working together to save the universe. The game is quite large, and it might be very challenging for beginners.

While playing the game, there are some modes which you need to remember before making different strategies:


There are various 9 parts that you have to finish, and every section is divided into numerous scenes. At the last mission of every stage, you will battle against the head of the enemy. A portion of these fights will give “shards” that you can use to open new characters. You will likewise get prizes; for example, XP focuses gold, sphere pieces, and gear. You can play a section or a scene on numerous occasions. Indeed, you should do this to gather the shards of certain characters.


It is a 5v5 field mode wherein you battle against an AI group. It ends up dynamic at level 14. You are battling against for groups that coordinate the dimension of your group – there is no story, only battle. The mode comprises an aggregate of 14 levels, and you can open a few characters just with Blitz focuses.


A PvP mode is that ends up dynamic at level 30 where you battle against different players. This mode requires setting up a PvP-centered group, so it is decidedly not quite the same as the first game. Once more, there is no story: This is a competition where you go up against genuine individuals.

Alliance Raids

When you reach the 20th level, then you can use an alliance. The whole Alliance Raid is activating at the 25th level and offers some challenges battle. The mode uses their energy known as Raid Energy.

These are some modes which help you and your fore in winning the battle and save your earth from alien attacks.