Role Of Coins And Stars In Gardenscapes Game

Coins and stars are considered as two main currencies of Gardenscapes game. It is essential for all the users to collect these currencies in sufficient amount to play the game smoothly. Without earning these currencies cannot permit players to perform any task of Gardenscapes. Prior to jumping all about currency let’s have a quick overview of the game. Gardenscapes is a new simulation-based match-3 puzzle game comes with lots of fantastic tasks.

One needs to decorate a big garden to make it attractive. Whereas to complete garden renovation tasks, a player needs to earn currencies more by completing puzzle levels and by knowing Gardenscapes Cheats. Various kinds of areas are available in Gardens like broken fountains, mysterious mansion, old benches, and much more items. So, if one needs to reduce all mental stress and want to get relief from tensions, they can play Gardenscapes game. It helps them to explore unlimited fun within a short period.


Coins are considered as the primary currency of the game from which different game resources can be purchased. Like one can buy boosters, additional moves, and lives to play levels smoothly. By competing for various task, puzzles, lucky spin, you can earn this currency. Also, coins help increase task time in the garden.


Stars are considered as the premium currency of the game from which superior tasks or garden restoration tasks can be performed. As it is the premium currency, a gamer needs to put more efforts into earning in the right amount. Don’t forget to review useful Gardenscapes Cheats to make this currency.